Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Donkey's return

Paul returned from University and so did the Donkey.
He made his first return in the advent crib. Many saw the crib in church but not the three wise donkeys making there way across the church.
The crib was just 24hrs old when it was displayed

 Paul was very kind to Jenny at the Donkeys second appearance at the Nativity service. Paul thoughtfully put out a copy of the Nativity sheet on the pulpit for Jenny.
This was not quite the same as the copies held by the rest of the congregation. All the music was changed to Jenny's favourite Little Donkey with a few little known versions of other traditional carols such as Silent Donkey Holy Donkey.
There were many such changes to Jenny's sheet. Fortunately Jenny spotted Pauls name on the sheet in time.

The Donkey made his last appearance on  Christmas day in the Sermon slot starring as himself in the form this time of a glove puppet in the crossing.
We we very proud to see that one of the other little girls in the sermon slot came dressed as a Donkey. Such is the effect of the Donkey.

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