Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Money and the lack of Money

Generous God,
Deliver us from all envious thoughts
and when we are tempted by the desire of wealth
let us see your face
for your abundance is enough to clothe are lack
though Jesus Christ our Lord.

Common Worship Daily Prayer from Psalm 17

I was looking for a text to think about and from the Daily prayer on Tuesday I found myself at this short little prayer.

Money seems to be in the news at the moment - some for how much they have and earn - the bankers, the bribes the £500 for tube drivers said to not being enough by the Unions.

I was walking around the supermarket this morning, looking at the extra 10p here on this item and 10p on that - wondering if I had enough cash on me to pay for the food.

Talking to a friend who was wondering how much he could charge his potential client - how much could he charge but stay competitive.

Some things seem to be very expensive - talking to a friend who is a solicitor charging over £200 per hour ( as he said the company charged that, he earned nothing like that).

And some things less so - A lady rang me up asking my to teach her child - when I talked to her about prices she told me that £25 per hour was a ridiculous amount to charge per hour and she would give me no more than £5. Needless to say I didn't get the job.

I looked at a job teaching in Luton - wanting a qualified teacher for the minimum wage per hour. Teachers do also a lot of preparation and marking that is outside the paid hours, which must be done. So I would have been working for well under the minimum wage. The pay would not cover my petrol to the school and back.

The world hasn't changed much since the Psalmist's time. There are still people who charge the earth and have a business that people must pay for and there are those whom a little, is still far too much to charge.

We live in world controlled and run by money. Look at the monetary crisis in Europe if you are unsure of that.

Money isn't everything. In fact money is nothing at all.

The world has the haves and the have nots.

I have lots and much to give away. Not Money but the Love of God.

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